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Three-phase electronic type prepayment farming irrigation meter

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The meter is a new-generation prepayment power energy meter independently developed by the company, and is subject to GB/T17215.321~2008 Section 21 of Special Requirements for AC Power Measuring Equipment: Fixed Active Power Energy Meter and GB/T18460.3 Section 3 of IC-card Prepayment Power Sales System: Prepayment Power Energy Meter. The product uses integrated circuit, surface welding technique and modular design, having the advantages such as accurate metering, stable performance, convenient installation, and ease of maintenance, which is widely applied in farming irrigation project.


Technical index




GB/T17215.328~2008, GB/T18460.3~2001

Operating voltage


Nominal current

3x1.5(6)A; 3x10(40)A; 3x15(60)A

Impulse constant



Class 1, class 2

Operating temperature


Outline sizes (mm)



  • High accuracy: Fully electronic type three-phase power energy metering with high accuracy.
  • Multiple users for one meter: Same meter can identify multiple cards, which is convenient for users to operate the meter in turn. Power follows charge, and is cut off automatically when run out of purchased electricity.
  • It uses logical encrypt card and dynamic encrypt algorithm, having good security. The data in card can be maintained for more than 10 years.
  • Nixie tube display, direct and clear.

Farming irrigation meter instructions

  • Turn on the power supply, and the screen displays “----”
  • Swiping the card, then the water pump starts, indicating the remaining electricity quantity;
  • Swiping the card after irrigation, and indicate “----”
  • Turn off the power supply.